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All Are Welcome - Join Us On Sundays

10:00 a.m. Worship Service

In-Person and Online via Facebook Live & YouTube


1:00 p.m. South Sudanese Service

In-Person Only, Worship is held primarily in the Dinka language.

About the Services

The style of our worship services will vary, but each week will be a blend of both traditional and contemporary worship styles. This means that each week you may see a variation on the type of music and litergy chosen based on the church season and topics of our readings.

All of our services follow the Lutheran liturgy and order of worship. A significant portion of our worship is liturgical responsive readings, these can be found both projected in the front of the sanctuary, in the bulletin for the week, and broadcast on the bottom of the screen for those participating online. These are time-honored writings designed to guide our worship and reflections each week throughout the church calendar.

Holy Communion

Each service, all are invited to join us in Holy Communion. The sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated at all services.  Before the celebration, the pastor usually gives a brief explanation of how the flow is to go.

We rotate between continuous and kneeling communion. It should be clearly communicated in the bulletin and by the pastor as to which style we are using that week. During the celebration, an usher will go down the center aisle and dismiss your row. When we celebrate Communion as a continuous celebration, you may proceed up the center aisle the communion assistants will give you the bread and then an individual cup of wine. When we celebrate Communion as at the kneelers, you will go up as directed by the ushers and kneel at the rail. The communion assistants will give you the bread and then an individual cup of wine. Once you have taken Communion you are welcome to rise and return to your seat via the outer aisele.

If you do not wish to receive communion but want a blessing, come forward and cross your arms over your chest. If you have children with you and they are not yet instructed in the Sacrament of Holy Communion they may come forward to receive a blessing.

If you are unable to come to the front but would like to receive communion please let an usher know and they will make sure the Pastor comes to your seat.

** Wine and white grape juice are available; we also offer gluten-free wafers.

Worship Music

The music we select each week is designed to complement the theme and message of the day and offer a range in styles to aid in people's worship preferences. This may include a more traditional style with organ or piano led hyms and the occasional musical offerings added by the adult choir or bell choir. Or it may feature a more modern, contemporary style of music where you may see a variety of musicians including: a worship band, piano, guitar, drums, organ, and others. There will be a variety of different types of music from hymns to contemporary songs.

front of the church sanctuary

What should I wear to the Sunday service?

During both of these worship services, come dressed as you feel comfortable. Our congregants wear anything from their “Sunday Best” (dresses or dress shirt and slacks) to jeans and a t-shirt, we see it all. So come as you are, all are welcome!  The pastor and worship attendants may occassionaly be dressed in traditional white robes. In addition, you may see the pastor wearing a stole or decorative scarf type garment that coordinates with the church liturgical calendar.

What About Children?

We want you to know children and their natural behaviors are welcome in worship, but some families like the option of using our nursery.

The nursery at Christ Lutheran Church is available for families with children under the age of 3 to use during our worship hour on Sunday mornings. All the surfaces and toys have been sanitized. You are able to participate in worship by listening the service in the nursery. This is an awesome opportunity for you to bring your family to worship, enjoy and expose your child to the beauty of worship and be able to fellowship with others in the gathering space.

During the school year (September - April), Sunday School is offered for all of our children PreK through 5th grade. Keep an eye on the bulletin and listen for the announcement for the dates it is offered. 

During the summer months we offer a Sprouts Sunday School program for children ages 3-6 during the worship service. They are dismissed to their class following the children's message during the service.

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Get Involved

Learn more about how you can get involved in planning and assisting with worship, music and arts at Christ Lutheran Church here.


South Sudanese Worship Service

Christ Lutheran Church serves as a host congregation for South Sudanese Christ Lutheran Church, a young congregation under development of the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the ELCA. Their typical service begins at 1:00 p.m. on Sundays and is primarily in the Dinka language.

South Sudanese Action Committee

Once a month members from the Christ Lutheran Congregation meet with the leadership of the South Sudanese congregation to discuss how we can support and partner with them. All are welcome to join this meeting if they wish to learn more about the work and ministry we are doing.


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