What’s Your Why?

What's your why

Letter from the council president. Branch Article February 2024

Some of you may have seen that on Facebook I used to be and am once again a faithful attender of the gym. If you are someone that has gone to the gym, or perhaps attempted to lose or gain weight, stop a bad habit, start a good one, you may hear someone who is leading you ask, "What is your WHY?" It is something that we hear a lot at the gym. A lot of
times you may find that someone's reason for being at the gym is to lose weight for a wedding or a reunion. You may watch as those people transform in a matter of months and reach that goal they set, only to settle back in their old habits after the event and lose out on all the progress they made. Sometimes the goals we set aren't strong enough to
sustain us for the long haul. Ironically the same phrase came up in a conversation between myself, Deb Park and Jennifer Miller a few weeks ago. But we weren't talking about the gym. We were talking about this place, Christ Lutheran Church. A place some may have been coming since birth; others may have stepped foot in the building for the first time last week. The question is significant, "What is your WHY?'"

I have the privilege of helping to lead the congregation this year as council president. And I have decided that this question will be the theme which I stick to for every conversation we have regarding church. We had a wonderful council retreat last weekend where there was a lot of great discussion that centered about everyone's WHY. The church's WHY, the council's WHY. We want to focus on WHY we are a part of this congregation and this council and knowing our WHY, how can we best do God's work. After a lot of great conversation about what we felt the WHY is for our council, we decided on the following: The CLC church council's WHY for 2024 is to guide and lead our church in showing love and kindness to everyone. Because isn't that the true message we hear from Jesus? And by first showing love and kindness to all, doesn't that break down the walls and allow us to demonstrate all the other pieces of our faith as these relationships grow?

The CLC church council's WHY for 2024

is to guide and lead our church in showing love and kindness to everyone.

Is it easy to do that all the time? Not necessarily. Sometimes it can even be uncomfortable, but I think back to when Jesus was speaking to his disciples, talking to them in a way they had never been spoken to, speaking of things that they hadn't heard of before. Were they comfortable hearing of this new covenant that was different from what they had grown up learning? A rule of "love your neighbor as yourself" superseding the hundreds of rules laid out in Jewish law? Jesus puts us in uncomfortable places sometimes. Hearing or seeing things that we don't truly know how to react to, or having a gut reaction to them rather than letting it play out. By the time this article is published, we will have had our annual congregational meeting. We may have had some discussions on what the coming year looks like for us. I hope that we are able to realize that the WHY of being at CLC is much more important than how things are done at CLC. That we need a WHY as a congregation that can sustain the needs of many, who may or may not be within our walls,
and not just satisfy the needs of me or you. Our job is to show others the love of Jesus, in whatever way reaches them best, which may not always be the most comfortable for us. Take a leap of faith, and be a disciple, be uncomfortable, find your WHY, live each day to support that and see just how much your faith can grow.

Suzanne Snider

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