Well Being & Social Concerns Update July 2022

Dear members of Christ Lutheran, 

I have received many comments from the staff and administration of Gladiola Elementary in the Wyoming School system. They are SO grateful for the books, school supplies, outerwear/boots, and refillable water bottles! THANK YOU everyone who has donated and contributed in some way to our "ministry" at this school. 

They wanted us to know that this building will be renovated this summer and that change has already begun in earnest. Summer school will not be held at Gladiola but at Parkview for this summer session. No one will be able to re-enter the school building until at least August 26. 

There will be no food truck distribution in June because of the work but it will be offered again in July. The date is July 26 and the changed location is at NEWHALL Christian Fellowship parking lot. The address is 3434 Hubal Ave SW Wyoming MI. 

Check out our blog posting on the most recent school supply list sent to me from the Community School Leadership Team. We will not be able to drop any supplies off at the building for a while but we can start to collect them at CLC. The school supplies usually hit the stores soon after the 4th of July so I wanted to get this list to you before the sales happen:) 

I thank you again on behalf of the students and staff at Gladiola. 

YOU are so appreciated! 

Nan Larson 

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