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Your Evangelism team wanted to do its part in helping our church family keep connected during the challenges of COVID 19.  In the spirit of “church is not just a building,” members of the committee, church council and congregational volunteers made phone calls, left messages, sent texts and emails to all of our members.  The response was overwhelming positive and reflects the need for both voice and touch.  Spirits were lifted.  Hearts were gladdened.  For many who had not been able to venture too far from home, the contacts were “almost like being together again.”

Many thanks to Jane Ward who reviewed calling scripts, helped recruit volunteer callers and followed up to make that everyone had completed assignments!  For the callers, the project was a chance to connect with people they didn’t know as well as get reacquainted with many they hadn’t seen in a year.  For recipients, the calls were an indication that their church really cared about them.

Here are the results along with some representative comments.


# callers                             16

# families to contact         178

# live contacts                   70  (39.3%)

# messages left                 100  (56.2%)

# unable to contact           8   ( 4.4%)


Representative Comments

35 total (83% positive)

I have been watching but will be glad to get back together in person.

Things are going well, but I miss my church family.

Thank you for your call. I really appreciate my church.

The parking lot was a good idea.  I like it!

I am really not a mask person, but respect people who are.

We love the service on You Tube!

I really appreciate the call.

Your call made my day!  It has been very lonely around here.

I can’t wait to go back in the building.


Patrick Blanchard

Outreach Coordinator


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