President’s Corner February 2022

Update from the Council President

(As featured in The Branch February 2022)

A wise man once told me, "The days can go by slowly but the years go by fast". How true. My year as council president is up. I am looking forward to Whitney VanGessel leading our congregational council for the rest of 2022. I would like to thank Whitney for all of her help on council.

I would also like to thank all the volunteers who help with worship. Thanks to all the council members and their respective committees for all the decision making as we have altered our worship in order to provide a safe worship space these past two years. Expect more changes in the coming months.

2022 should be an interesting year. I'm confident that our call committee will be successful in our search for a new pastor. I am also confident that our new church council, our committees, our staff and Pastor Ferra will guide us through this transitory time. Have a Blessed year.

God’s Peace
Bill Houseknecht
Council President

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