“Outside the Box”

Like many in the days of COVID you may find that you have time on your hands.  As a way to pass the time and still keep my mind engaged, I’ve been doing a few puzzles every now and then.  Recently, I ran across some classic puzzles that I had forgotten about.  Do you remember a puzzle called the “Nine Dots?”  It looks like this:


0           0            0

0           0            0

0            0           0


The challenge is to find a way to connect all nine dots with a single line without taking your pen or pencil off the page.  This is not an easy task.  It requires some creative mental gymnastics.

Staying connected during the pandemic has challenged all of us to be as creative as possible to remain connected and safe.  To do that, we have had to do some “out of the box” thinking.  We’ve done “Christ on the Corner” parking lot worship.  We have pre- recorded and shared sermons via our You Tube channel.  Now, we are also offering  live-streaming services.

I want to issue a challenge to everyone.  While it is a priority for staff to make calls, and to send cards and emails, an even better way to keep our church family together is for you to participate in the process.  During the next two weeks I am asking each member to look at the church directory and to contact two families above your name and two below your name.  Find out what’s been happening in their lives.  Tell them about our worship services on the You Tube channel.  Share what’s been going on in your life.

With a little creativity we can continue to strengthen our family ties.

By the way, here is one way to approach the Nine Dots puzzle. 

     Outreach Coordinator

     Patrick Blanchard


0           0           0

0           0           0

0           0           0 


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