Mission Support Update – September

Update from the Branch September 2023 Issue

One of the qualities that impressed me about Christ Lutheran Church 18 years ago when I was looking for a home church was its outreach ministries. There are so many areas to get involved in. There are plenty of areas of service like technological helpers, to communion assistance, to singing in the choir. I was excited to try some I was familiar with doing and some I was interested in but had never tried. The community was very friendly and caring. I have gotten to know so many different people in the church by being part of many groups.

Fast forward to today, I was asked by one of our members to serve as a council representative. After prayerfully considering this role, I decided to accept the responsibility. I have been learning and being blessed by being a part of this team. The Mission Support liaison role for the council needed to be filled and I really did not know what role that was exactly. I am still learning! I began by thinking I should look at what our church’s "Mission Support" statement says. I'd like to take the time to write it out for you as it actually is a clear and concise message of Faith at work:

We, the people of Christ Lutheran Church, believe our mission is to
share God's love and His forgiveness through Worship, Word and
Sacrament. We seek to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual
needs of others through gifts of time, talent and treasure with which
God has blessed us. We believe we have been called as living
witnesses to exist for others so that all may know Jesus Christ as
Lord, As evidenced by our ministries, we believe strongly in outreach
and care of our fellow human beings.

The Mission Statement really summarizes what Christ commissioned us to do as found in several places in scripture. Matthew 28 tells us to go and proclaim God’s Love for us by sending His Son to die for us so we might live. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us the "greatest gift from God is Love" and that we are to Love our neighbor as ourselves, as quoted in James 2:8. 1 Corinthians 12:12 talks about the blessings of spiritual gifts to be used for his service. The outreach programs and programs for our congregation to worship and be supported are opportunities each of us can be a part of.

So now I know that the Mission Support Team's role is to provide you with an annual review of all of our church ministries and missions by setting up the Kick off Sunday. We also provide an updated brochure of all the programs so you can see where all the programs fall under which main committee. For example, the Personal Care Pantry falls under the Well Being & Social Concerns committee. Missions support committee also helps members understand our monetary giving needs and the processes available for giving.

So as we enter our Fall Season and start thinking about new beginnings, like the kids returning to school, may we all look at what the opportunities are at our church, and see if there is something new you would like to try or something that you know you have a passion for. Please prayerfully consider joining in with a group. Its a great time of satisfaction
knowing you are serving others for Christ. Its a great time for fellowship and support within our community. Looking forward to seeing you on September 10th!

- Mona Leeder, CLC council member

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