Mission Support Update

Although Covid-19 prevented us from meeting in person, our committee has been busy! 

Tithing in 2021

During the pandemic, how many of you became very familiar and comfortable with purchasing the things you needed online? Many of us became experts. Giving to your church has become just as easy. CLC is currently using a direct deposit tithing service called, Simply Giving. Owned and operated by the same company as Simply Giving, VANCO is an app and website-based service which will seamlessly allow people to not only give regularly but give for special events and projects. VANCO will also allow visitors to easily donate to the offerings. If you currently use Simply Giving, do not worry. You will be able to continue to use this VANCO-managed service. If you have not yet signed up for Simply Giving but are ready to make your tithing a turn key practice, we will be able to help you easily set up a new VANCO account. As always, you will receive a report of your giving and will be able to track this information yourself. Stay tuned for more information to come.

All Hands on Deck!

As we prepare for the re-opening of Christ Lutheran, we’ve become acutely aware that we desperately need volunteers for many aspects of our church’s ministry. It will truly take all of us to pitch in a little to make our church hum with the life of God’s work. Please take a minute to look for volunteer sign ups that are currently in the narthex and this fall when we highlight these vacancies during the Ministry Kick-Off in September. We all need each other to be the church Christ calls us to be.


A Legacy of Love

It feels as though we’ve lost far too many of our church members this last year and a half. We stand with those that mourn and grieve for those deceased loved ones. As Christians, we will know the glory of standing in God’s presence, but his work will continue here on earth. Have you ever thought about how you can help God’s work here at CLC continue after your death? Have you ever considered including Christ Lutheran in your estate planning? These times have brought a sharp focus to our mortality. Would you consider adding Christ Lutheran in your will allowing your faith and love for God’s church to live on?


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