Mardi Gras Celebration

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6:00 P.M. Meal - 7:00 P.M. Service

After three years we are finally going to be able to celebrate Mardi Gras again! It's a time of merriment, celebration and gathering together family and friends one last time before the Lenten
season begins.
It will begin at 6:00pm on Tuesday, Feb. 21. There will be pancakes, gumbo, jambalaya, cornbread, puczkis, and King Cake. Whoever finds baby Jesus in their piece of cake wins a prize. There will be beads and a set up for making your own pretzels!
A very private confession booth will be set up for you to write your sins on paper teardrops which will be burned at the end of the evening.
There will be a short church service at 7:00 with amazing music followed by the burning of our sins along with the palm branches from last year's Palm Sunday.
The only entry fee is a box of cookies from each of you that will be used for Sunday Coffee and Cookies.
We hope to see you all there!! -- The Fellowship Committee

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