Introducing Our New Bell Choir Director – Diane DeVries

Diane Devries - Bell Choir Director

“Music … is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.” Martin Luther 

It isn’t easy to tell you who I am in a few short words, but this statement by Martin Luther speaks to one of my life’s passions, the marvelous gift of music. This gift brings with it the responsibility to work, to share, and to pass it on. And that’s my life. 

I started my formal music studies at age 4, thanks to wonderful parents who recognized that I had been given something special and managed to convince my teachers that, although I wasn’t old enough to read or write, I could learn to play the piano, and then the pipe organ, the flute, the drums…whatever I wanted to play, they made it possible. 

As an adult, my husband became my encourager, convincing me that, with a great deal of time and effort, I could make it through a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate in music and music theory. 

I was now ready to share the things I had learned. I worked as adjunct faculty at Grand Valley and Michigan State Universities, teaching music theory and history. I also served as director of music at Georgetown United Methodist Church for a number of years, which is where I learned about playing and conducting handbells. And now I have 20 private piano students who keep me challenged and interested in passing on that God-given gift my parents saw and nurtured so many years ago. And it’s my hope that working with the bell choirs here at Christ Lutheran will allow me to continue to work, to share and to pass on that “most magnificent” present, the gift of music. 

Diane DeVries 

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