Indoor Worship Protocol May 2021

Come Join Us! We’re Back Inside to Worship!

The table below will help you with the protocols put in place to keep our church family as safe as
we can provide. Remember if you have health risks or are uncomfortable in a large group gathering,
please know the church service will be available on YouTube and FM 93.9 if you would like to listen from
the parking lot or from home.

  • Your Health: Prior to coming for worship, make sure you are healthy. Do not come if you feel sick or
    have a fever.
  • Stop at the Welcome Easel:
    A Greeter will give you your bulletin and yellow prayer card.
  • Arrival: Form a line 8 ft. apart on the west sidewalk of the Main Entrance doors by standing on the
    blue squares with the yellow cross.
  • Fast Pass Arrival:
    Form a line 8 ft. apart on the east sidewalk of the main entrance doors.
    *For members who need assistance in being seated quickly.
  • Masks: Must be worn covering the nose and mouth at all times while in the building.
    *If you cannot wear a mask, worship with us out in your car or in the comfort of your home.
  • Your Belongings: Coats, hats, purses, etc. are to stay with you.
  • Greeter Table (inside the main door entrance):
    The greeter will direct you to an usher for seating.
    The Worship Bulletin and yellow prayer cards will be available here, too.
    Masks will be available if you forgot yours at home.
  • Seating: A Greeter will direct you to an usher that is at the double door entrance to the Sanctuary.
    Ushers will seat people from the front to the back of the sanctuary. (Similar to how guests
    are seated at a wedding.)
  • Family Seating:
    For families with young children, tables will be spaced apart in the gathering space to allow
    your family more room for movement. Please bring the items you need to entertain your
    children in your specific area during worship.
  • Singing: Only Nicholas Hopkins, the Minister of Music, will sing the hymns and songs. Worshipers
    may not sing. They are encouraged to follow the text.
  • Communion: Ushers will indicate when you may go up to receive communion. Take the wafer/juice
    container back to your seat. You may open and take your communion elements when you are back in your
    pews. Throw your packaging away in the trash can as you exit the church.
  • Departure: Stay seated until an Usher indicates it is your turn to leave.
    They will start from the back of the sanctuary and move to the front.
    Promptly exit the main double doors. All socializing is to be outside the building.
  • Offering: Plates will be placed at the Main Entrance Exits.

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