How to Use Online Giving

Guide to Using Christ Lutheran Church's
Online E-Giving

One Time Giving

You are able to go on the website and give without creating an account. This is good for a one-time donation. These donations are not tracked in your account. If you wish for your donations to be tracked and a history recorded of your giving you will need to setup an account.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you create an account if you are planning to give more than just one time.

> If you don't want to create an account, skip ahead to the "HOW TO GIVE SECTION"

Setup an Account

When you create an account you are able to make and manage on-going, repeating contributions, track your giving history and update your payment information.

1. Visit >> https://secure.myvanco.com/L-Z266

2. Click on "SIGN UP" in the top left corner.

SIGN UP for Online Giving

3. Enter your Contact Information (First Name, Last Name, Email and Create a Password)

Enter Your Details

4. After you hit "Create Account" an email will be sent to the email address you listed confirming you created an account.

5. ENTER CONFIRMATION NUMBER - The confirmation email will include a number you will need to enter in the next screen.

Confirmation Number

Make An Offering

1. Select the fund you want to tithe

2. Click on the GIVE Button on that fund

Select the Fund

3. Provide the details of your giving.

A. Enter a donation amount (there is a $3.00 minimum).

B. Frequency - Once - Now, Once - On a Future Date, Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Monthly.
NOTE: If you are giving more than just once now, it is highly recommended that you setup an account to be able to monitor your giving. And maintain a record of what you have given.

C. Start Date Select a starting date from the pop-up calendar. If you are choosing a future giving or repeated giving, this would be the first day that your giving will be withdrawn from your account.

4. Click Add to Basket.

Details of Giving

5. Select Additional Funds and Repeat step 2 & 3  OR Continue to Payment

Continue Giving

5. Enter Payment and Contact Information


You have the option to pay via debit/credit or Bank Account. If you have created an account you can opt to save the payment method in your account so you won't have to enter it in each time you wish to tithe.

Christ Lutheran Church does pay transaction fees to be able to offer e-Giving. The processing fee to use a Bank Account (ACH transactions) is 0.03% and to use a debit/credit card is 2.35%. At the time of payment you have the option to contribute extra to your donation to help cover the costs of this processing fee.

Payment Information


Once you have created an account and added this information to your profile, you will not need to enter it in on this screen, you will only be required to enter the Payment method information.

Edit Your Profile

Once you have created an account you click on LOGIN in the top right corner. Then you can access your Profile by clicking on the Profile Option in the menu at the top right.


This is where you can:
> View see any scheduled donations as well as your history of giving
> View & Edit saved payment methods
> Edit your Profile Settings

Profile Settings

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