God’s Love in Our Hearts

God's Love in Our Hearts

For this month of February the Evangelism Committee invites all of us to participate in raising our awareness of where we see God’s love around us. Each Sunday this month we are asking you to be aware during your weekly activities of something that touches your heart—a thought, an event, an interaction.

Share your thoughts with our community

  • Bring that thought to church and print it on a paper heart that will be in the Worship bulletin for those who worship with us in-person
  • Email your thoughts to evangelism@clcwyoming.org and we will write out the heart shape for you
  • Share your thoughts as a comment on the Facebook Post
  • Share your thoughts during the weekly Sunday Service using the comments feature

You do not have to put your name on them. These paper hearts will be displayed in our gathering space. Some might be photographed and shared in the slides before each Sunday service in February.

Bring new observations each week. We can scatter them all around the walls of the gathering space for inspirational reading this month.

Spread the good news! Let’s encourage each other with reminders of the daily gifts our loving God gives to us.

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