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An Update from Nan Larson, As Published in the February 2022 Branch Newsletter

Pandemic Update & Remodel

I recently zoomed with the Community School Leadership Team in which we discussed how Gladiola is surviving the issues related to learning during a continuing pandemic. The children and staff are wearing masks all the time and therefore the infected number of people there is staying under some control. Volunteers are still not allowed in the building but are welcome to wear masks to help distribute food from the food truck in the school parking lot. Since Gladiola and West Elementary are being prepared for remodeling as soon as the doors close in June, the teachers are trying to clear out their rooms. The administration has asked that we do NOT donate books at this time. They are attempting to give all the donated reading materials to the kiddos and their families so they can continue reading in their homes. As much as we LOVE to donate new or used books, we are putting a stop to that until further notice.

Winter Wear & Current Needs

For those who have been in the Christ Lutheran building, you may have seen the large box in the narthex to collect outdoor gear for the children at Gladiola We especially need boots, snow pants, gloves, and sox. When the weather is snowy, cold, or rainy, it seems that many stockings get wet on the playground. We would like to collect socks and personal water bottles for a few months longer than the outdoor gear (which will end in February). The children are definitely using the water bottles we have given them so far and they are most grateful. They cannot drink from the water fountains because of the virus.

Feeding America Food Truck

The next Feeding America food truck will be at Gladiola School at 4:30 pm on Monday, January 31st. If you are willing to fill boxes with the provided food and put them into car trunks, come over to that school by 4 pm. Please dress warmly and wear a mask. We should be finished by 6 pm at the latest. If you want to help with the food distribution or donate some outer clothing or water bottles please put them in the large box or the blue tubs labeled with the school name.

Let me know if you have questions, please call or text me at 616-228-3381.

On behalf of the staff and students at Gladiola School, your support is WONDERFUL!!

How to Help

  • Donations of Winter Wear (through February)
  • Donations of Socks & Personal Water Bottles
  • Handing out food at the next Food for America Food Truck

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