Giving Opportunity for Gladiola School

Children Books for Gladiola

As I write this article I know that our favorite Wyoming School is under quarantine and all learning is happening online. This is definitely NOT the best way to learn, but Covid has given them no choice for now. 

In the meantime, I am still meeting with the Community School Leadership Team via zoom. This team has been so grateful for our church support and contributions. They are now earnestly seeking gently used or new books for ages 3-11. These can range from picture books to chapter books. If your children have "outgrown" some of their books or you see some at stores or thrift shops while you are out shopping, we would be delighted to collect them. The teachers are so eager to get as many books into the hands of these young readers as they can!! 

Please look for the blue bins to be outside the door under the portico for the next month or so. I will most likely collect until near Christmas and make arrangements to get them to Gladiola before Christmas break. 

The school has also asked if anyone has extra masks that they have obtained or created, they could surely be used in the classrooms. It is amazing how many masks the teachers go through in a week when some students are learning inside the building!! I will collect those in the book tubs also should you choose to donate any. 

Thanks in advance for your kind offerings! 

Nan Larson and the Evangelism committee of Christ Lutheran 

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