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July 1 will be my official start date at Christ Lutheran Church in Wyoming, MI. I am now building my new daily prayer list.  ANYONE is welcome to this free, simple, daily prayer as an extension and gift shared through my call at Christ Lutheran Church. A daily text prayer will be sent once a day, to all who sign up, no cost to anyone.

Daily texted prayers are authored by Pr. Rob, less than 142 characters, and an excel-lent tool for growing faith. You can chat with Pr. Rob this way, as no one else will read any responses you send to daily prayer. 

In phase 1, I am having members, community, Facebook followers sign up themselves through the link provided.

Remind is a free service, designed for school communications, and an excellent free resource for the church. I promise this service will be used for prayers only, and occasional worship, church reminders or encouragement related to Christ Lutheran Church in Wyoming, MI. 

Your challenge is to:

  1. Sign up for the new daily prayer that will start July 1. 
  2. Share this information, and recruit others to join daily prayer. 


Just follow the above link to get signed up today! 


Tell people to text @clcdai to the number 81010 

They’ll receive a welcome text from Remind. If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @clcdai to (469) 437-4632. 

THIS IS THE EASIEST EVANGELISM YOU WILL EVER PARTICIPATE WITH, sign up, get others signed up. A daily prayer texted to you…. Is a great way to connect life and faith daily! 

Pr. Rob 

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