First Communion Classes

First Communion Starting

Anyone in the 6th grade or younger (or older if you missed it) are welcome to take part in this new curriculum. Our new format incorporates both a handful of in-person group meetings alongside an at home workbook. This workbook is designed for you to go through with your child and finish when you think they are ready. Once they have completed the workbook there is a final in-person meeting in the church Sanctuary talking through all the elements and how the process works.

This new process is designed for you to walk with your child in this important part of their faith journey as they discover what Holy Communion means. This format allows your child to discover and ask questions at their own pace with you as their guide, creating a more intentional and meaningful process.

If you think your child is ready for their first communion, please let Tara know (tara@clcwyoming.org) so we can get you more information and the materials.

Classes begin on February 27th.

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