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Game Night went great.  It started raining but people got everything in and played indoor games then! Thank you all who came, and I hope it was a great evening for you and your family!


National Youth gathering is a year away! It is time to start planning! If your youth is interested in participating in the gathering next summer, July 24th-27th, 2022 and you didn’t make it to the meeting, please contact Tara (tara@clcwyoming.org)!


With this year still being unique and all over the place Sunday school will look a little different to start! We are going to be trying this layout for the foreseeable future.  We will have Sunday school Starting Oct 3.  If you did not get the letter about Sunday school, please let Tara (tara@clcwyoming.org) know so she can get you one!

We need Sunday School teachers! We need 2 helpers for each Sunday school! We need at least one adult over 21 and the other helper can be confirmation age or above! We will be doing Sunday school during the service on the first two Sundays of each month.  I can have dates for you to sign up as well!  If you are interested in helping, please let Tara know (tara@clcwyoming.org)


Confirmation: Confirmation will have a different look this year! We will be starting on Sunday Oct. 3rd in person! If you missed this meeting let Tara know (tara@clcwyoming.org) so we can get the information to you!


We will be doing a Church Movie Night this fall! We will be watching a movie and have popcorn! We will be providing more information as it unfolds including dates, plans (indoor or outdoor), and more! Keep an eye out for that information! If you have any questions or any comments please contact Tara (tara@clcwyoming.org)!

Tara Williams

Youth and Family Coordinator 






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