Facelift for the Christ Lutheran Sign

You may have noticed that our sign out front has been under construction the last week or so and now it got a facelift! When they were doing construction on the road last year the construction crew did a little bit of damage to the sign. This has been patched up so it isn’t noticeable, a little paint and straightening of the metal can go a long way, thanks to Dan Johnson’s handy work. While the sign was apart he gave it a fresh paint coat, deep cleaned the interior and replaced the light bulbs. The  interior light bulbs have now been converted over to LED lights for better energy efficiency and longer life.

The most noticeable facelift of all was probably the swap out of the top portion of the sign. We found a sign company that could take our old top measurements and create a replacement piece to fit exactly. The logo design is based on our new logo and approved by the marketing team.

Hopefully now our church will look a little more alive on the corner of 44th and Byron Center!


Picture 9

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