As we ease back into activities in the church building, we know that not all our members will be able to gather in-person.  So we are keeping up connections within our membership by organizing callers to make personal phone calls to the congregation.  These volunteers will be calling beginning in late August and finishing by September 10. This is an opportunity to share prayer requests, needs that the church might help with or updates to your church directory contact information. Enjoy a conversation with your friendly CLC calling volunteer!

Announcements at the end of some in-person worship services are encouraging members to live out our church mission statement “The ministers of this church are the people” by greeting someone you don’t yet know well after church and choosing to sit in a different seat in church to experience a new angle on the service and have new people to greet afterward.

Gladiola school is not yet accepting in-person volunteers in the school. However, the Food Truck still can use volunteers.  It will be at West on August 30 and Gladiola School in Wyoming on September 27.  Check the weekly Announcements in September to see if the reporting  time for helpers is still 4:30 p.m. to about 6:00 p.m.

The fourth quarter daily devotion booklet Word in Season October-December will be available this month at the Welcome center for anyone who would like to pick one up for themselves or a friend.



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