Easter Vigil 2022

Easter Vigil

Greetings to all!

Easter is fast approaching along with the events of Holy Week and the Passion of the Christ. As in past years, we will be holding an Easter Vigil that begins after the Good Friday service through the beginning of the
Easter Sunday services. Consider taking a 1/2 hour block or more, to pray, study, and spend time with the Lord. You have the opportunity to spend your vigil time at the church, accessing the doors by use of the Key Box, or by holding your vigil from the comfort and safety of your home, knowing that “church” stretches far beyond the walls
of our sanctuary. If you would like to participate, please follow the attached link below that takes you to the Google document where you can type your name and email address next to the time slot(s) of your choosing.


If you would like to physically come to church, please contact Lisa Harris at ll64harris@gmail.com or call 616-204-2670, and Key Box Instructions will be forwarded to you so you feel safe in our building.

Those without email, please call Lisa Harris at the number listed to reserve a time slot and it will be entered into the schedule. This is a wonderful opportunity to do as a family as well!

Devotional materials will be available for you to use at church or you may use your own. Find a devotion activity to spend a half hour, or to pray or meditate together on the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice and what that means to our faith. This is a wonderful opportunity to renew your faith in a closer walk with our Lord.

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