Council Meeting Minutes of May 10, 2022

Christ Lutheran Church Council– Meeting Minutes of May 10, 2022 

Present: Pastor P. Standley, W. VanGessel, D. Park, S. Snider (left at 7pm), J. Ward, J. Miller, R. Neubecker D. Harris (Recording Secretary) 

Absent: J. Breymeyer, L. Montgomery, T. Narber 

Guests: Mona Leeder


W. VanGessel called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m. J. Ward opened the meeting with a devotional and prayer. 

Meeting Minutes for Previous Month: Minutes for the April 2022 council meeting were reviewed. 

Motion to approve the April 2022 minutes made by J. Ward; 2nd by S. Snider; motion passed unanimously


J. Breymeyer provided an update on our finances through April 2022. 

Finances YTD through April 2022 ended with revenue $3,685 (3.14%) under budget and $9,904 (8.02%) below the same period for 2021. Total expenses  through April 2022 were $39,233 (31.64%) under budget and $47,121 (35.72%) below the same period for 2021. YTD revenue is currently above YTD expenses by $28,855, better than the projected YTD loss of $6,692. Cash reserves are currently at $213,944, an increase of $8,449 compared to last month and an increase of $28,856 since the start of the year.

Motion to approve the April 2022 financials made by S. Snider; 2nd by D. Park; motion approved unanimously

Old Business: 

CLC Constitution: Goal is to have congregation vote on some changes to the constitution in January 2023. Constitution changes require two congregation votes, bylaws only require one vote. W. VanGessel will contact Stu Healey for process details. 


No correspondence to report. 

New Business: 

Worship Action Team Recommendation: 

The Worship Action Team recommended to council that all mask mandates be removed. 

Motion to approve the Worship Action Team recommendation that all mask mandates be removed made by Pastor P. Standley; 2nd by D. Park; motion approved unanimously

New Members: 

J. Ward said Fred and Suzanne Terrell requested membership. Paperwork is still needed, but Pastor P. Standley said the vote could take place now. 

Motion to accept Fred and Suzanne Terrell into Membership at CLC made by J. Ward; 2nd by Pastor P. Standley; motion approved unanimously

Mission Support: 

Mission Support committee only has two members at this time – Brian and Jennifer Crane. Council discussed combining the Mission Support and Finance committees. 

Motion to combine Mission Support and Finance committees made by D. Park; 2nd by R. Neubecker; motion approved unanimously

Pastor Rob Schmidt’s Installation: 

Discussion about Pastor Rob’s installation date was tabled until his start date. July 10 is a target date to welcome Pastor Rob with a potluck/picnic. J. Miller and Aimee Paulson will lead the planning. W. VanGessel will clear the date with Pastor Rob. 

Pastor’s Report: 

Conducted worship April 17 and May 1. Also conducted Holy Week worship on April 14 and 15. 

- Presided over funeral for Pat Girand on April 30. 

- Led a Eucharistic Minister meeting on April 28. 

- Taught confirmation class on April 24. 

- Mentoring event on April 25 and 26. 

- Attended book study on April 21, April 28, and May 5. 

- Thirteen extensive phone calls. 

- Hospital calls on April 25 and 26. 

- Hospice calls on April 15, 19, 21, 27, and May 5, 6 

President’s Report: 

W. VanGessel had no further items. 

Committee Reports: 

Youth & Family/Education: T. Narber was absent. 

Evangelism: J. Ward reported that they discussed having an ice cream social sometime this summer. They discussed the process for contacting visitors. A church member is willing to fund 108 Christ Lutheran Church coffee mugs to give to visitors and to sell to members as a fundraiser. 

Fellowship: L. Montgomery was absent. 

Finance: J. Breymeyer was absent. 

Mission Support: No report. 

Property: R. Neubecker reported that they met last month. 

Items discussed: 

• Getting quotes for asphalt sealing and crack filling. 

• Dan Johnson wants to put a timer on the boiler so it will turn on and off 

automatically. Cost is estimated to be $1100. Money could come from the 

Property Improvement restricted fund. 

Three chairs were purchased for the sound booth. 

Motion to approve money transfer from the property improvement restricted fund to cover the boiler timer project made by R. Neubecker; 2nd by J. Miller; motion approved unanimously

Technology: J. Miller reported that they did not meet in April. They are considering producing the bulletins with MS Word instead of MS Publisher. 

Well-Being and Social Concerns: S. Snider is doing a lot of work for Confirmation. 

Worship, Music & Arts: D. Park reported that she is updating the Guidelines & Policies book located in the counting room. Wedding and funeral fees may need to increase to cover yearly expense increases, and to cover the cost of streaming requests. 

Their committee discussed the private CLC Friends Facebook page. It is confusing to have a public and private page. J. Miller is an admin for both. 

Motion to close down the private “CLC Friends” Facebook page made by J. Miller; 2nd by R. Neubecker; motion passed unanimously

Adjournment and Next Meeting: 

Meeting adjourned at 8:23p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer. Next meeting will be 6:30 pm on Tuesday June 14, 2022 

W. VanGessel adjourned the meeting

Respectfully submitted by Dave Harris on May 12, 2022 

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