Church Council Meeting Minutes – November 8

Christ Lutheran Church Council - Meeting Minutes of November 8 2022 

Meeting Attendees


Pastor R. Schmidt, W. VanGessel, D. Park, J. Breymeyer, L. Montgomery, J. Ward,  J. Miller, R. Neubecker, S. Snider, T. Narber, D. Harris (Recording Secretary)



Roger Hill 

Meeting Minutes


W. VanGessel called the meeting to order at 6:33pm. J. Ward opened the meeting with a  devotional and prayer. 

Meeting Minutes of Previous Month: Minutes for the October 2022 council meeting were  reviewed.  

< Motion to approve the October minutes amended was made by T. Narber; 2nd by  J. Ward; motion passed unanimously 

Financial: J. Breymeyer provided an update on our finances through October 2022. 

Finances YTD through October 2022 ended with revenue $2,724 (0.93%) over budget, but $889  (0.30%) below the same period for 2021. Total expenses through October 2022 were $65,098  (21%) under budget and $41,351 (14.44%) below the same period for 2021. YTD revenue is  currently above YTD expenses by $51,097, better than the projected YTD loss of $16,725. Cash  reserves are currently at $236,655, an increase of $7,105 compared to last month and an increase  of $51,567 since the start of the year. 

Currently the projected budget deficit for 2023 is $71,000. Finance Committee feels this should be  cut by at least $20,000. Some money is needed for a replacement for Michael VanderMeer. J. Miller  will investigate what might be needed for IT support. Phone and internet budget should be  increased. A replacement for S. Snider should be considered in the next budget as well. 

< Motion to approve the October financials was made by D. Park; 2nd by T. Narber; motion  passed unanimously 

Old Business 

Reconciling in Christ: 

Pastor R. Schmidt felt that the annual meeting would be a good place to introduce this program to  the congregation and get their feelings on this endeavor. The Evangelism Committee proposed this  idea last month. 


Pastor Bob Mueller gave us a thank you letter for the funds raised during the second-best sale,  which was given to the South Sudanese Leadership and Community Development. 

New Business 

Nick Hopkins’ Resignation

  1. VanGessel read a letter from Nick Hopkins expressing his desire to resign from his position. He  will stay on through the end of December, for Sunday services and choir practices only. The Minister of Music job description should be updated to reflect regular meetings with the Pastor.  W. VanGessel will follow up on these changes with Pete VanGessel. Pastor R. Schmidt felt that the  number of Sundays off for this position should be reduced from six (per Nick’s current contract) to  four. He also wants to be involved in the search for a replacement. Fellowship Committee will  discuss a Sunday celebration for him. 

> Motion to accept Nick Hopkins’ resignation made by J. Ward; 2nd by L. Montgomery; motion passed. T. Narber, J. Miller, S. Snider abstained. J. Breymeyer was absent for the vote.

New Member Requests: 

These people are requesting membership: 

- Susan Bourque 

- Amy Pollock 

- Deanna Mitchell 

> Motion to approve membership for the people mentioned made by W. VanGessel; 2nd by  D. Park; motion passed unanimously 

Wednesday Advent Offerings: 

  1. Park asked if the Wednesday Advent offerings should be donated to some outside charity. After  discussion, it was decided that the Advent offerings will be split amongst the organizations who  participate in our Thanksgiving Eve service. 

> Motion to approve donation of Advent offering to the charity groups that participate in our  Thanksgiving Eve service made by Pastor R. Schmidt; 2nd by R. Neubecker; motion passed  unanimously. 

Administrative Assistant Recommendation: 

Pastor R. Schmidt reported that they sorted through 14 applicants. Additional information was re quested from seven applicants, of which only one responded. Two candidates were selected for  interviews, along with our current interim assistant Cindy. One candidate, Amity Lantz-Trier, stood  apart and seemed to have the complete skill set for the position. An offer was drafted with help  from the HR committee for 25 hr/wk at $16.00/hr with scheduled evaluations and increases. An incentive of some educational funding is also proposed. Target start date is December 5.

> Motion to extend the drafted offer for the Administrative Assistant position, as presented  to council, to Amity Lantz-Trier made by Pastor R. Schmidt; 2nd by W. VanGessel; motion passed  unanimously. 

Employee Contracts: 

Pastor R. Schmidt presented some recommendations concerning time off for staff. After discussion  with council, a proposal was drafted to offer all regularly scheduled salary and hourly employees  two weeks of paid vacation. 

> Motion to approve two weeks paid vacation for regularly scheduled hourly or salary em ployees starting in 2023, per their contracted hours, made by Pastor R. Schmidt; 2nd by W.  VanGessel; motion passed. S. Snider abstained. 

Pastor’s Report: 

Pastor R. Schmidt asked how opening and closing of the building is handled for church rentals.  Council will discuss this at a further meeting. 

President’s Report:  

  1. VanGessel wants council members to work on their committee annual reports. She would like  to have these by January 1, 2023. 

Committee Reports 

Youth & Family/Education: S. Snider reported that Lisa Meyer would like to do Operation Christmas Child, but nothing is formalized. Sunday School has been well attended. 

Evangelism: J. Ward reported that volunteers are now welcome back at Gladiola. Sign ups for new member classes are taking place.

Fellowship: L. Montgomery reported that they are advertising Advent by Candlelight. Some cake will  be offered after a Sunday service to thank Cindy for her work as our administrative assistant. 

Finance: J. Breymeyer had nothing further to report 

Property: R. Neubecker reported that we are past the season for parking lot repair. He will look into  timing of parking lot lights. 

Technology: J. Miller shared the committee’s plan for upgrading our internet and phone service. A  couple companies offer fiber services for about the same price with better performance. 123.net has  good service, is nearly the same price as what we pay for our current service (Comcast Business)  and can guarantee a price for a ten-year term. A new phone system would also be provided. Our current web host is no longer offering web hosting, so the committee is investigating other  options. They are also researching options for IT Backup support. Fusion IT is our current option but  are very expensive. 

In-ear monitors are being used by the praise band and they are pleased with the results. Some  tuning is still needed. Narthex sound updates using recycled equipment is also being explored. > Motion to adopt 123.net as our internet provider made by Pastor R. Schmidt; 2nd by S.  Snider; motion passed unanimously 

Wellbeing and Social Concerns: T. Narber reported that the Sudanese youth choir has been practic ing at Gethsemane Lutheran. With the closure of Gethsemane, the choir would like to practice here.  Council said to just schedule them for the Sanctuary on Saturdays and we will let them know if we  need to override their time block. 

An announcement was made that holiday baskets were going to be distributed this year, but there  was no follow up. T. Narber will investigate. 

Worship, Music and Arts: D. Park had nothing further to report. 

Adjournment and Next Meeting:

Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm with the Lord’s Prayer. Next meet ing will be at 6:30pm on Tuesday December 13, 2022 

< W. VanGessel adjourned the meeting 

Respectfully submitted by Dave Harris on December 1, 2022

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