Battery Recycling Update

Earthkeeping Committee - Battery Recycling

Thank you for keeping our environment and water sources safe by recycling batteries at CLC!

You can drop off your household batteries on the second Sunday of the month. Bring your batteries (AAA, AA, C,D, 6V, 9V) to church for recycling. 

Please note: If you drop off 9 volt batteries, tape the connecting ends to minimize contact. We can’t accept battery powered devices (like cell phones, portable computers, batter chargers) or any individual Lithium batteries (their case can be fragile and can be flammable, as shown on the news periodically airports, plans, etc.)

Look for the recycling bin on the sidewalk as you exit following the service. 

**In September, we filled the pail 3/4 full of assorted batteries—which were recycled! 


Jim Ward for the Earthkeeping Committee 

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