Baskets of Hope

Baskets of Hope - Evangelism Outreach Project

During the months of January and February 2024 our goal is to fill 10 baskets for 10 newly release prisoners. All the items that you are donating will be used to help a person who has completed their time in jail and now has to start life all over again without many resources or a support team to rely on. Through the 70 x 7 Life Recovery organization we are helping to give a boost to those who need it most with physical items as well as a note of encouragement to provide a little spiritual lift and let them know we are praying for them.

You can help by taking one of the sticky notes on the display in the narthex at church and bringing the item(s) back by Ash Wednesday, February 14. Or, if you would like to help without shopping, you may donate money in an envelope clearly labeled “Baskets of Hope”.

Or you can choose one of the 10 cards on that display table:Add your words of encouragement to go along with the Bible verse already in the card; sign it “from your friend in Christ” and your first name; put it (unsealed) in the envelope; place it in the laundry basket on display.

Thank you for your help in showing God's love for these people in need of support for their bodies and souls.

Learn more about 70 x 7 Life Recovery on their website https://www.70x7liferecovery.org/

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