Backpacks for Foster Kids

Backpacks for Foster Kids

After the Second Best Sale is finished at the end of September/early October the Evangelism committee will be organizing the collection of items to be included in a backpack and given to Bethany Services for the support of foster children.

Often children who are brought into the foster system have had to leave their homes suddenly and with almost nothing of their own. We will be providing Bethany such helpful things like the backpack to fill, a blanket, flashlight, journal, book, coloring book, crayons or markers, a fidget type of toy, socks and underwear in various sizes. Enough
to fill 25 backpacks! Then Bethany will be able to fill a backpack with items selected just for that foster child whenever the need arises.

Keep an eye out in the gathering space for a display with more information on how to participate.

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