2021 Annual Meeting Details

Good Afternoon!

We would love to have all of you join us for our Annual Meeting this Sunday. 

Attached is the link for the annual report.  Paper copies are available on the table in the office lobby during office hours Thursday and Friday.  Copies will also be available on Sunday morning if you will be joining us in the parking lot for the meeting.  Please take a moment to review the guidelines for this meeting, so you know what to expect.  Remember, you can participate by parking in the main parking lot and listening on your radio, or by joining the Zoom meeting using the link in the guidelines below.

Annual Report

2021 CLC Annual Meeting Guide

Sunday, January 31, 2021 @ 11:30 am

Here’s your guide to attending and participating in the annual meeting.  While it is much easier and convenient to conduct such meetings when we are able to meet in-person, your Council leadership has developed the next best way for you to attend and participate.  These measures will insure the safety, health and wellbeing of our members.

Everyone will have the option of attending through either (1) Zoom meeting, or (2) Parking Lot style. The Zoom meeting is a video format and will be recorded.

ZOOM meeting participation

All members will be provided a link to join on-line.

Families may join the meeting on one device – PC, tablet or smart phone.  If more than one family member is joining, it is important your names are both displayed on the profile, i.e. John & Mary Smith.  (see the tips page for changing profile)

Once you have logged on, you will be put into a meeting “waiting room” until the host accepts you in.

All participants will have their mics muted.  Mics will be used during Q & A.

Host will monitor “Chat” window for questions and respond as necessary.

PHONE CALL participation

Participants may also call in using a phone or other cell phone device.  The participant will need to be identified to verify voting member status.

  • Phone number for Annual Meeting: 1 (312) 626 – 6799 with Meeting ID 857 8218 1543

To determine whether we have a quorum, there will be a delay to take time to take roll call.

Presenters may screen share some material for further explanation on points or topics.

There may be a pause or short delay to count votes when necessary.

PARKING LOT participation

Parking lot attendants will take roll of those attending the meeting.

Members electing to use the south or main parking lot may do so similar to parking lot worship.

By tuning into the FM station 93.9 on their tuner, members will hear all the speakers during the meeting.

There will be parking lot attendants available to assist in participating in the Q & A portions of meeting.

To ask a question or make comments, participants will be able to raise their hand out of the vehicle to beckon an attendant.

Participants are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early so that the meeting may convene promptly at 11:30 am.

 Tips for working with your devices

 To change your Zoom profile name:

PC Computer:   While in the Zoom meeting, right click on your picture. Choose “rename” from the drop-down menu. Type the name of every voting member in your household who is present.

Mac Computer:  Drag your mouse over your picture.  Click on 3 dots.  Choose “rename”. Type the name of every voting member in your household who is present.

I Pad:  Touch the top of the screen. Touch Participants. Touch your name.  Choose re-name. Type the name of every voting member in your household who is present. 

Android:  Touch your screen.  Tap the “Participants” icon.  A list of names will come up. Tap your name.  Tap “rename”.  Type the name of every voting member in your household who is present.

 To ask a question during the Zoom: 

PC:  Hover over the bottom of the screen.  Left click on “Reactions”.  Left click on “Raise Hand”.  You will see a hand appear in your picture. After your question has been answered, left click on “Lower Hand”.

Mac: Click on “Participants” found at the bottom of the screen. A list of all participants will come up. On the bottom right of that pop-up list, there will be the “Raise Hand” button. Click on that and a hand will appear in your picture and next to your name on that participant list.

I Pad/I Phone: Tap on the screen.  Tap on the “Participants” icon.  A list of all participants will come up.  Tap on your name.  Tap on “Raise hand”.  After your question has been answered, tap on the “Lower Hand”.

Android: Tap on the screen.  Tap on the 3 dots with “more” written underneath.  Choose “Raise Hand”. After your question has been answered, tap on the “more” again and select “Lower Hand”.

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