A Note From Pastor Rob – January Branch 2024

Dear CLC members and friends,
We begin this year with the celebration of Epiphany, January 6th on the calendar observed the first Sunday, January 7th. Epiphany is the arrival of the wise men or three kings to meet and greet the Holy Family. Epiphany is the revelation that Jesus is the light to all nations, the whole world. This is the significance of their journey from the East, to find Jesus.

It took approximately 2 years for this journey. The caravan must have been massive with all sorts of challenges and changes along the way. But the entire trip was guided by the Star that appeared at the birth of Jesus according to scripture.

The arrival of Jesus was immediately announced to shepherds in the field but took time, energy, and effort for the journey of final discovery we celebrate as Epiphany.

We use the word epiphany to mean revelation, understanding, a moment of “I finally get it!” At times we have been actively on a journey to discover, other times it just suddenly

I believe the church has been on a journey of discovery ever since the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The journey continues for the worldwide church, individuals, and CLC. I believe God is always inviting our growth and journey as we are able collectively, and individually.

Recently in a pastor’s pondering I introduced the concept of Biblical Jubilee. A time of rest, celebration, and reset. I am certain that along the way, there were times of rest for the massive caravans following the star.

It is a balance in life, faith, and community to know when to push on the journey, and when to rest. It is what CLC has done since conception and birth, right up to this moment. Push, pause, and pray. As we enter this new year together as a church in community, I want to thank everyone for the consistent journeying and work. I think we are in a time of pause and prayer. We can rest and celebrate what God has done and is still doing among us. We can deliberately embrace this rest for strengthening and prayer as we consider what is next.

May God bring joy and refreshment for our collective efforts to be the church together in this new year. May this year bless us with some Epiphany moments in our mutual care and support of one another as leaders, members, and community as we connect life and faith.

Happy New Year.
In Christ,
Pr. Rob

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