A Note From Pastor Rob February 2024

Dear Christ Lutheran Church members and friends,

Come and join us at church as we have some gifts to share this month.

Starting Sunday, Feb. 4th there will be some Lenten guides available to connect our season of Lent and this time of Jubilee. These guides will help you consider how you may be able to embrace this season of Lent in the most meaningful way. If you are unable to come to pick up a guide, you may contact Pr. Rob or
the office to have a copy emailed or mailed to you.

Tuesday, February 13th we will have our Mardi Gras celebration starting at 6:00 with dinner and activities. We will have some activities for children. We will have a chance to prepare a “tear” for closing fire. A sin, struggle, or concern is written upon a tear provided and collected to be burned. Worship starts at 7:00 and will have a jazz flavor, communion and end as we burn our tears under the portico.

I also welcome any letter to God you wish to bring to be burned. That is an open-ended invitation. Perhaps a letter of thanks, grief, forgiveness, hope, or just a conversation you wish to send away. Perhaps you want to write a person you can no longer talk to for any reason.

Wednesday, February 14th from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 pm, Drive through ashes will be available.

Ash Wednesday worship begins at 7:00 pm and is such a beautiful and sacred service. We will have the imposition of ashes, communion, and the chance to kick off together our Lenten journey.

Sunday February 18th we begin our unified worship celebrating the sabbath at 10:00 am.

February is an exciting time for spiritual growth, as we live into Rest, Rejoicing and Reflection as individuals and the church. Rest as you need. Resting from too much activity, stress, thinking, work, fighting, worry, overextending yourself. Where is God calling you to rest? God's primary command for us to rest in the invitation to sabbath, worship, and time together dedicated to growing faith. Where is rest needed in your life?

Rejoice as you need. As we slow down, what can we see that we should celebrate and rejoice to God about? Our life story and history as well as present moment can be cause to rejoice. Nature, work, relationships, faith, church, family, and friends can be appreciated anew as we rest, intentionally connected to God, that we may remember to rejoice. What should you be rejoicing in your life?

Reflect as you need. Resting and rejoicing will lead us to a place of reflection as we ask God to speak into our spirit and guide our path. Intentional time thinking with and listening to God, a holy ongoing conversation. As we share this time with God, we consider our "why" as it relates to our personal faith and our life as the church. Why has God called us, loved us, and made us who we are? How will God speak to you as you reflect?

May God Bless you as we enter a great season of growth and change together.

In Christ,
Pr. Rob

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