A Note From Pastor Rob – April 2023

Dear CLC Members and Friends,

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus April 9th . What will you find at the empty tomb? Is it time for a drop off, or pick up there? We celebrate new life, after a horrible death Jesus experienced, which re-shaped the relationship between God and all of creation.

In our own personal lives in culture, work, family and faith it is difficult to apply the resurrection in practical ways. Death still seems final for us.

Perhaps looking at the tomb may serve us better, as the tomb was empty, and Christ is Risen to establish a new reign of God based upon His resurrection. Everything was changed as faith moved from Law to Gospel, works to Grace, all while holding what has been into new possibility.

God meets us where we are located, and loves us there. Then invites us to grow into our life and faith as we can embrace honesty, open mindedness and willingness to grow.

I have some ideas about the things that should die in my personal life, culture and the church according to my own effort and seeking Gods direction in my life. Those things will not match your life and understanding. Our understandings and challenges will vary.

And all growth in individual and corporate faith as church represent courage, and a willingness to believe God can and will grow us if sought.

Believing in the resurrection of Christ is the hallmark of our faith. God defeated our mortal and physical reality of death. God can and still does use death and new life allowing us to place into the tomb what ever we presently need to be taken away in our lives. And God allows us to hold all that causes harm to us and others and still offers love and grace because of the empty tomb.

God also facilitates hope and new life as believe God is still collecting our sin, and death, and sending us away with new life.

The tomb will hold death, as long as it takes for the new life that can come the resurrection of Christ.

We are all invited individually, and corporately, to respect the process of others, doing nothing that interferes with the stories of hope that come through new life and faith.

A blessed season of hope filled grace as we celebrate the resurrection together.

In Christ – Pr. Rob

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