Family Ministry

Family Ministry

As this season of Lent begins, we look to Jesus and all that he does for us! During this time of Lent, each youth should expect to get a little something from the church.  We will be continuing to do things online as of now but we look forward to doing things in person soon!

On Saturday February 6th, we had some of our youth take place in our Sledding event which was the first in person activity in a while! It was a blast and I look forward to Start being able to do more with you in person soon.

In March, I will be here one year, and it has certainly been a unique year to say the least.  This last year has been a great one and all of the CLC family has made it a great experience.  Thank you and I really hope to be able to worship and youth activities in person with you all soon!

Tara Williams

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